• Violet - Ballet Dancer

Violet - Ballet Dancer

$ 14.00


Violet is an adorable hair accessory that can be placed on top of a bun or on any type of hair-do. She will always be your friend and inspire the dancer inside of you!

Violet's Story

I know its going to sound cheesy but I knew I wanted to be a ballet dancer when I was 4, sitting in the audience of the Nutcracker. I watched every moment sitting on the edge of my seat and loved it. I loved the movement and the costumes and the story. I loved it all. I started taking ballet that Spring and have been dancing ever since. I’m 11 so I’m still a few years away from training to be a professional but you can almost always find me at my ballet studio, either in class, in rehearsal or watching our ballet company. I know that I have a lot of work to do to become a professional dancer, but I am definitely up to the task.