• Rose - Tap Dancer
  • Rose - Tap Dancer
  • Rose - Tap Dancer

Rose - Tap Dancer

$ 14.00


Rose is an adorable hair accessory that can be placed on top of a bun or on any type of hair-do. She will always be your friend and inspire the dancer inside of you!


Rose's Story

I didn’t start out as a tapper. I started in ballet and I hated it. It was slow and boring and I hated wearing my hair in a bun. One Saturday I was at the studio and walked past a tap class. I stopped, I watched and I fell in love. I loved the rhythym of their movement, the music they made with their taps, the freedom on their faces as they tapped in unison to song after song. When my mom picked me up that day I begged her to let me try tap and she said ok. I guess I was a natural because after my first tap class my teacher met with my mom and on our way home she said, “We’re nixing ballet and putting you in tap classes full time. That was 3 years ago and was the best decision we have ever made.