• Reece - Avid Reader
  • Reece - Avid Reader
  • Reece - Avid Reader

Reece - Avid Reader

$ 14.00


Reece is an adorable hair accessory that can be placed on top of a bun or on any type of hair-do. She will always be your friend and inspire the book lover inside of you!


Reece's Story

I love to read, books, magazines, Wikipedia articles about subjects that interest me, I love it all. My mom runs marketing at a book publishing company so she either brainwashed me or introduced me to reading at exactly the right time for reading to become my very favorite thing. I know it doesn’t make me cool but I could care less about that because when I read I travel to different times and places with characters who feel like friends and families. I sometimes get so lost in a book that I look up and hours have passed and the only thing that makes me put my book down is my rumbling stomach. I’m a very strong student and I think my love of reading helps me in school because while other kids race through their assignments, I read every single word. I don’t know if I will be an author when I grow up because I’m not sure if I have stories to tell but for now I will happily curl up in my reading nook and read the days away.