Music is my everything.  I’m the lead vocalist and guitarist in an all-girl band called Chick Flicks.  The name’s a little lame, but we came up with it because our moms are all friends and they go to the movies once a month — get it?  I started playing the piano when I was four, because my mom thought it was important for me to have music in my life.  She plays the cello in our city orchestra.  I think she was hoping I’d fall in love with classical music.  Sorry, mom.  I picked up the guitar at our music store, and I fell in love.  I begged my parents to let me take lessons — I said I’d keep playing piano, too — but over time the guitar just took over, and I started writing and singing my own music.  I’m considered an alternative kid at school — at least that’s what the kids who think they’re cool call us — but I don’t care.  My band spends almost every day practicing after school.  Right now, we’re getting ready for our first paid gig, playing at a family friend’s graduation party.  When I think about my future, I imagine these little gigs turning into bigger gigs, and someday maybe a record deal.  Until then, we’ll play and write and practice…until dinner time, when we all have to call it a night.

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