I’m a mother of five, with two boys — Justin (27), Alex (18) — and three girls — Zoe (20), and twins Matilda and Isabella (14). We also have two dogs, Jackson (9) and Oliver (2) pictured above.

Zoe, a sophomore in college, was born with a natural gift for math and science.  Matilda and Isabella are both dancers — Matilda is a serious ballet dancer, while Isabella is a competition dancer.  Isabella is also my craft-talented kid.  She loves to bake and decorate cakes, and she’s a makeup wizard too — a natural creator.


One weekend last Fall, Isabella had a day off, and Matilda was at the dance studio. So Isabella decided to make a gift for her sister.  I took her to the craft store, where she collected everything she needed to make decorated hair pins.  I helped her mount the heads on the pins, and watched (with glee?  joyfully?  in awe?) as she brought the hair pins to life!  When we picked up Matilda, Isabella presented her with a shoebox lined with Buntoppers.  Both girls started wearing the pins to class and to conventions.  Dancers took notice and asked where they could buy them.  By Spring, Isabella’s craft project had turned into a little start-up company!


As the girls and I sat down to create the first set of characters, we thought first about our family and their friends.  As a result, each Buntopper character is inspired by a real girl my daughters know and love.  Our goal was to create characters who are relatable, smart, funny, and kind — characters who have a range of interests and talents, and who value their family and friends.

Our first eight Buntoppers are just the beginning.  We’re looking forward to creating a whole world of these characters.  We’d love for you to join us on this new adventure.  It’s going to be really fun.