• Lily - Soccer Player
  • Lily - Soccer Player
  • Lily - Soccer Player

Lily - Soccer Player

$ 14.00


Lily is an adorable hair accessory that can be placed on top of a bun or on any type of hair-do. She will always be your friend and inspire the soccer player inside of you!


Lily's Story

My brother has played soccer since he was 5 so I grew up on the soccer field, watching him and his friends spend every free second on the field.  I begged my parents to let me play when I turned five but they were worried that I was too little and made me wait until I was six.  That was five years ago this fall.  I play soccer on a year round team which means practice four days a week, games every weekend and camps during school holidays.  My goal is to be better than Matt some day but he keeps getting better so that might be a reach.  I love every single thing about the game and I love my team like I love my family.