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  • Ellie - The Chef

Ellie - The Chef

$ 14.00


Ellie is an adorable hair accessory that can be placed on top of a bun or on any type of hair-do. She will always be your friend and inspire the chef inside of you!

Ellie's Story

My mom is a terrible cook.  And by terrible, I mean she can’t even seem to microwave well — and the instructions are right there on the side of whatever she’s trying to heat!  She and my dad are both investment bankers, so they work a lot.  I’m an only child, so I’m home alone on the regular, and even though I can order food and have it delivered to our apartment, I decided about a year ago to take a run at cooking.  

I gave my mom a list of books to order, and I started reading cooking websites and blogs too.  I’ve gone from making boxed mac and cheese to making tomato risotto.  And I love it.  I love shopping for food, prepping for a meal, and cooking for me and my best friend (she loves to bake, and usually makes our dessert).  Right now I’m working on a few vegan recipes for my mom.  She’s been a vegan for 10 years, and has accepted the idea that her entire diet has to consist of raw vegetables and juices.  She’s wrong.