Introducing Buntoppers

We started Buntoppers as a craft project. And even thought I'm far from crafty, the more I worked on creating pins with my girls the more I loved it. I loved the idea of creating a world with girls who are interesting and diverse in both their interests and backgrounds. The world has changed a lot since the day Ella made her first set of Buntoppers. And those changes have lit a fire under me to try to make a meaningful difference in the world. I feel like it's more important now than it has been in decades to talk about tolerance and diversity. We're hoping that we can create a world where girls can use their imagination while understanding that kindness and love are the qualities that bind a community together. I know we're just making pins so I'm not going to pretend that I'm giving a speech at the U.N. but I am going to use this space to share the lessons I'm hoping to teach my girls and the lessons they've taught me. And I'm hoping that you will join us.